Monday, May 21, 2018

Hey Hey Hey, I'm Back (Again) Bitches!

Long time; no talkie!  How the heck are you guys???  I know over the last two years I'm possibly the worst blogger ever.  I have accepted it, I'm learning from my naughty ways, and trying to be better.  So since I've been gone for so long lets get caught up.  For starters, the last two years of my life have been a whirlwind.  I have officially hit my 2 year anniversary of living in Atlanta.  Basically, I lost my job in the mortgage world, then went to cosmetology school and makeup school and started a whole new career in the world of beauty in Atlanta!  It's one of the best things that's ever happened to me in my life and I finally think I'm getting things figured out.  And by figured out I mean that I don't know what the next day holds until that day comes along!  And as a scheduler you can imagine how that makes me feel.

After spending 2 years figuring things out I have gotten back into my diet and exercise world after several failed attempts.  Whoever said, "Failure is not an Option" clearly never met me because lets be is an option and when it comes to weight loss I have failed many times over!  Doesn't mean I'm giving up, just means that I've gained again.

Now I have posted a couple of times in the last couple of years with some new crazy idea about what I'm going to do to lose 700 lbs in the next 10 days and surprisingly it never worked.  Veganism, haha, that was the best joke yet.  But I also tried vegetarianism, pescatarian (I have no idea how to spell that and neither does Google apparently), Whole 30, and so many other that I can't even name.  I also gave Isagenix a shot and it just wasn't for me but I think I was expecting too much from one program so now I'm trying something new...and it's really you have probably never heard this from me ever and it might surprise you a little bit cause it really doesn't sound like me....I'm going to just RELAX!

That right, I'm eating reasonably, working out daily, not obsessing over every single calorie that goes in and every calorie that I burn.  I know, it kinda even hurts me to say that but for about 2 months now I have been working on relaxing and so far I'm pretty exciting with how it's going.

Along with my relaxing I am wearing an Apple Watch 3 to track my activity and I specifically say 3 because I just bought the newest edition so that I can swim in it and it tracks my swimming as well as my other activities.  I have been logging my food in a little journal and trying to remember to put it into my MyFitnessPal but I forget that part most every day!  But it's ok, no big deal, just chill!  (it really is slightly painful but I'm working on this whole relax thing!)


This is just a little thing for y'all to see how cool this watch is with the workout breakdown.

So now that I'm back in the swing of things at the gym and eating right most of the time I hope that I can get back to blogging regularly.  I really love getting online and talking about my day and I find that I am more motivated to post when I have met my goals for the day and I'm more motivated to meet my goals when I have to be accountable for my actions.  

So if you would like to follow along with my new "word' for my weight loss then I will gladly join you and we can Relax together! 

Friday, July 14, 2017

5 Days a VEGAN!!!

Well, I have successfully (with only one slip) been a VEGAN for 5 days.  And I do want to say that my one slip was an accident.  I was at work and grabbed a box of Cheese-Its and ate a handful before I realized that those were not on my diet!  It was an accident and I stopped eating them as soon as I realized it.  Other than that it has been a challenge.  If I said this was easy I would be lying through my teeth. turns out that veggies aren't that good and when you have nothing to eat that holds a plate together it feels like a meal of sides.  I think I have been getting enough calories but I feel like I'm eating snacks all the time and not really eating meals and I miss that feeling of actually eating meals. I have been known to eat a veggie meal at restaurants but with this diet a lot of the "traditional" veggie plates I would make are out because cheese/dairy is out.  I didn't realize how much dairy I really ate because I'm not a huge cheese eater but I do miss it and how it can bring a meal together.

There is a plus side but currently I am hungry so its hard to think of it.  But I am able to eat quite a lot of foods.  I feel like I am eating tons of carbs and lots of my research says that is fine.  Its because I'm eating lots more fruit.  I am trying to keep my brain from getting crazy about carbs because I know that carbs are good things and not the evil little bastards that the nutritional world has made them out to be.

Also on the good side is the energy.  I really do have more energy on this diet.  I was kinda struggling the first couple of days and just wanted to take a nap so I didn't have to think about how hungry I was but the last couple of days I have had way more energy and more focused.  Now this seems to happen every time I eat healthier, and I don't know if it is because I'm not putting shit in my body or if its because by making one good choice makes me make another good choice and so on and so on.

I'm going to weigh in again on Monday and I can't wait to see the number on the scale.  I am crazy hopeful for a good weight loss.  I think it is going to be good!  I really do!  I can't wait to share with you guys the verdict of the first week of the vegan diet.

Sunday, July 9, 2017

New Things, New Diet, I Swear I'm Not Crazy.....

I have written this post a million times in my head and every single time I go to write it I think of a way to do it without sounding crazy.....then I realized, I already am CRAZY and I don't really care what others think of me so I thought screw it, I'll just jump in.

As you all know I have truly tried just about every diet under the sun.  I have done low carb, no carb, paleo, gastric bypass diet, no wheat, no gluten, only soup, only juice, and the list goes on and on and on.  I have also taken a multitude of supplements, diet pills, and even gone without food all together.  I even went as far as looking into weight loss surgeries...I am still anti-gastric bypass (unapologetically) but I did go through months of planning and thinking about the gastric sleeve.  I went so far as to go to the group support meeting.  Pretty much there are two things I haven't tried, Overeaters Anonymous and Vegan Diet.

Sorry Sister 3, I'm still not going to OA so guess what its time for the Vegan Diet.  Now let me get into this a little deeper.  I'm not just becoming a vegan, I am choosing a plant based diet.  The reason I am using the term Plant Based instead of Vegan is because on a vegan diet I could eat Doritos, Oreos, and drink Coke all day long and that wouldn't benefit me health wise or help my waist line at all. Basically if it grows from the earth I can eat it.  Fruits and veggies, nuts, grains in any quantity I want.  No meat or dairy! 

I have done lots of research on this topic and I have made up my mind.  The health benefits can be overwhelming and I am actually pretty excited to get started.  Like I said, I have done LOTS of research, I didn't just wake up one day and decide I was going to give up meat/diary.  I also know that if you look up anything online you can probably find that any diet is good for you. I know because I have read about so many things and given up wheat, dairy, fruit, etc.  Just saying.....I could show you the research but there are thousands of articles out there that can be just as negative towards a vegan diet as there are pro-vegan diet.

I spent about a week trying to talk someone/anyone to doing it with me but after a couple of days I finally gave up.  I'm not doing this for anyone but me.  Its not a crazy weight loss bet or challenge.  I'm doing it to lose weight, to improve my health, to lessen my chances of diabetes, cancer, heart disease, and so much more.

I know there are lots of things people are going to say....where will you get protein? what about calcium? and then there is always my number 1 question, Is Pizza a vegetable?  There is plenty of protein to be found in plants and the same goes for calcium.  There is also plenty of every other vitamin and mineral I could need.  The only thing I was worried about was B12 because I already know I have low B12 but since I'm already on supplements for that then I figure Ive got that covered.  And finally, pizza, I have had 33 years of pizza, enough for me and several others to give it up for a while.

Now there are a few things I also wanted to cover.  Its easier to just put this in list form:

1.  I am not doing this for animal rights reasons.  I like animals just fine and I have no problem eating them or others eating them.  Maybe this part is crass but I don't care how they are raised or slaughtered.  This is just for health reasons.

2.  I am not going to become a dirty hippie.  For one week a year I become a hippie and that is Bonnaroo.  I will continue to shave and use deodorant, I will use regular body products that contain chemicals and preservatives.  I don't have that much of a ethical problem with animal testing so what the hell, put lipstick on Bugs Bunny if that makes you happy.

3.  I have no intention of trying to convert my family and friends to my new diet practice.  I also have no intentions of letter writing to Congress or the USDA on the practice of raising animals in the US.  I have watched several documentaries and that seems to be the point of them and that is not my goal.  I am a BIG BIG fan of personal choice.  If you wanna eat McDonald's every day, eat up, I know I have lived on a diet of fast food for far to long.  Now I am choosing to eat a bowl of dirt for lunch so please just let me eat it!

The reason I wanted to come on here and announce this is because I will probably have a pretty tough time and first and I will need a place to vent a bit when things are not the best, and hopefully as I get more used to this I will have happy things to share as well.  I always do so much better when I have accountability to someone other than myself.  I haven't blogged in so long because I haven't had anything to say on topic.  I eat way too much fast food and other shit that's so bad for me and until just here recently I haven't been going to the gym regularly so I'm not talking about my workouts.  Basically Ive been not blogging and being very fat and I'm very very tired of being very very fat!

So, here I go again.  A new adventure for me....and I love an adventure!!!!

Monday, November 7, 2016

Wonder Woman

Ever have one of those day/weeks/months that you just feel like a super hero.  Well I have felt that way this last week because I seemed to have found a way to juggle my life a little better.  I know I talk about having a schedule and loving my schedule all the time and I do love when things are organized and there is a time for everything but being a freelance makeup artist and hair dresser doesn't exactly allow me a regular schedule.

That being said for the last couple of weeks I have managed to make it to the gym and to all my shoots and even book more and more work.  So I don't get to go to the exact classes every week or go at the same time every day but I do manage to get there most days!!!!

I forgot how much I love my gym time!  Its usually an hour or so that I don't fell strapped to my phone or social media.  Lets all be honest...unless you are a doctor or have some really  important job you don't have to have your phone on you at all times.  That is such an easy thing to type but not so easy to practice in real life.  And for little more honesty I have my phone so if something comes through that is important I can stop what I'm doing for a few minutes and address it.

I am remembering all the soreness and blisters that always comes with getting back to the gym.  My back and knees are absolutely screaming but I know after a few weeks  it will be all worth it.  I will get used to it and be able to find new muscles to make sore next week!!!!  And I have managed to create a few goals for the month of November to reach without any prices/insensitive but just because its good for me!

And since I couldn't decide between the Lynda Carter and comic character Wonder Woman I just decided to post both!

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Heyyyyy Peoples!

Hey my friends!  Ive been meaning to post for like 2 weeks now but I keep getting side tracked or booked up so I have not had the time to do it but today I have the whole day off! So far today Ive slept in, joined a new gym and now I'm hanging out on the front porch of yet another new apartment finally catching up on my blog here and my beauty blog at

So yes, I joined a new gym.  I'm heading back to the Y! because lets face it the Y! my favorite gym.  I joined the Y! when I was in college and stayed there for years but when I moved back to my hometown there was only one gym with a pool so I went there for years and years and now that I'm in a new location again I found a Y! that is in my area so I joined up.  I was pretty excited when I had a gym in my building but lets be honest...its like having a treadmill in your bedroom.  I never ended up going because it was just to easy to get to.  I like the idea of going to the gym....its like I have to make a decision to go to the gym.  So needless to say I'm glad to get back at the gym and in the pool.

I haven't been training for anything but would like to get back to a training goal because I seem to go better when I'm working towards something and there are lots of races in my area (triathlons) in about 9 months so it gives me a chance go get back in shape and train and, for the love of God, hopefully lose some of this weight!
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