Thursday, January 31, 2008

Oh the Insanity

The blueberry muffins are still haunting me. Today a guy I work with brought in a baggie with blueberry muffins in it. I actually just called him in here to make sure it was a muffin and he didnt even offer to share it with me (which is probally good cause I may have eaten his hand along with the muffin.) He said it was his desert. Really what is it with the recurring blueberry muffin, if I start dreaming about them then I am just going to eat one (or maybe 12!)


Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Ok, my new favorite workout.....

My sister has finally purchased a Wii...for any of you that think this is just a stupid video game and not a workout I challenge you to a round of boxing. You will be out of breath in about 3 minutes.

Also, tennis made my arm so sore and my side hurt. It found muscles I did not know had. It was really a fun workout and burned alot of calories.

Just letting you know...good investment, and cheaper than a gym membership.

Sorry So Long Between Posts

I'm very sorry I have not posted in a couple of days. I have been extremely busy at work and have not had the time to just sit and write my post. I have put the weight gain behind me and got back on track...Ive been working out like crazy cause I dont want another bad week.

I have had a new workout buddy, she went with me tonight to the gym. Then we got to play and swim a little bit, then you guessed it, I got to soak tonight. Most of my soreness is gone away, but now I think I may have hurt or strained my hamstring. I usually have a sore muscle and workout and it losens up, but this just hurts worse when I work out. I'm not really worried about it because I still have to workout so I can have another good week.

Wish me luck on my next weight more eating good meals on Sunday nights, not with weigh ins on Monday mornings....

5 Days!

Monday, January 28, 2008

The Weigh In...

Well I weighed in today....I'm so excited....I gained 1.6 lbs. this week. WOOOOO HOOOOO.

OK just in case there was confusion no I'm not excited, actually I'm extremely pissed off. I worked out every day this week and got absolutely no results. Now granted I ate horribly this weekend, so that will not happen again. I've have been hungry this week, really hungry, and I finally gave in this weekend so its my own fault.

I'm just extremely frustrated, 2 days of eating bad and I gained. I worked out everyday, SICK, and I did horrible.

7 days til the next weigh in.....cant wait!

Friday, January 25, 2008

The Diet

Ive had a lot of people asking if I am doing Weight Watchers or the Zone or South Beach, I didn't realize that I haven't really talked about my eating habits.

I'm not really following any particular diet plan. I'm really trying to eat a balanced diet, pretty much following the food pyramid. I have cut back a touch on my carbs but not crazy cut back...I really just try to stay close to or under 150 grams a day.

The majority of my calories come from carbs, then I have added a lot of meat to my diet as some of you know I am not a huge meat eater, but I have been eating a lot more chicken and turkey (birds mostly) and if I can find some that I like I will be adding fish to the menu.

As far a fruits and veggies go...I eat as many as I can in a day, within reason. I don't like many foods in this category, so i try no to overdo it cause if I do I wont eat any fruits or veggies.

I am also a fan of "the candy." Really any kind of candy will candy always taste better, but I wont discriminate, I like all kinds of candy. I have tried really hard to cut the candy out all together. If I feel like I just have to have a piece or I am going to DIE, then I try to stick to hard candy or something sugar free. I have become a chewing gum fanatic, because it has 5 calories a stick and it keeps the sweet tooth away and it last a while.

I made it a fact to not try to be on any particular diet because I am part of a big family who loves to go out to eat together. I don't want to have to completely rule out restaurants that others want to go to cause I'm on a diet. I went online and printed off the nutrition facts for all the fast food restaurants we have here, and that way I can make a good decision about the food I eat and can still eat anywhere.


Well guys the working out has still been going good. I had made plans to sleep late this morning. I told my boss man I was going to be late because I needed some sleep. GUESS WHAT?????? I woke up bright and early, so I figured, just go to the gym and go to work. So that is what I did. I had a really good workout today. My cough is kinda getting better so I got through the entire 30 minutes without having to get off.

Its funny that when you go to the gym at the same time every day you get to be friends with the people who are there with you. Ive made pretty good friends with an older man and I look forward to seeing him in the morning. I guess for my profession its good to get to know people around the town, so not only am I doing my body a favor I might be helping my career as well.

After the elliptical today I went swimming. I got in some good laps, but as we all know, I only get in the pool for the hot tub. haha, it feels so good.

For the rest of the day I have been working like crazy, running like a chicken with my head cut off but getting some stuff done.

I'll keep you updated...

3 days til weigh in.

Thursday, January 24, 2008


That is the sound of pain. I worked out hard last night cause as we all know I have missed the last two mornings. I spent the entire workout on and off of the machine because I could not stop coughing. I kept going and getting water cause I left my water bottle at home. I am so ready to get rid of this crud. Anyway, I would not suggest that you get on and off the machine, because it apparently makes you sore. I have been over the majority of the soreness and then after last night my legs are killing me again.

And YES, I DID WORK OUT THIS MORNING!!!!!!!!!!! I'll get back in the swing of things. I am going to miss my group workout tonight for a basketball game but don't worry your little head I will get to go workout after the game.

Hope you all have a good day....

4 days....

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

This is a Long One

Well today again I didn't workout in the morning so I will have a long night at the gym, AGAIN! If I would just get up then I wouldn't have this problem. Its OK though, I figure my body can use some rest just like it can use some exercise...thats what I'm telling myself. Anyway, last night when I went to the gym I did confirm that I am in 11th place. It has one to many 1's in it for me. Just 10 spots to move up, and 6 weeks to do it.

Yesterday, I forgot to tell you all that I wore a pair of blue jeans that I have not been able to wear for a while. Yeah!!!!!! To be honest they were still a little bit tight (I DO NOT LIKE TIGHT CLOTHES) but they fit.

And on to the next topic, my lazy cousin Clair, who I have been trying to get to go to the gym with me for the last month said she might start tonight...which as anyone who knows her will know that means in 3 more weeks. I like having people to workout with, if you have someone to talk to it helps keep those agonizing pains out of your mind. haha.

I also had another big step last night, I was on the elliptical machine for 30 minutes. In 2 and a half weeks I have worked my way up to 30 just 15 more minutes and 15 more levels and I will be working on the same level as my dad. I will get there but not anytime soon.

Well that's about all for today, if I think of any good tips or funnies I will be sure to let you know.

5 days...

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

All the Comments

Thanks to everyone feels great to have support. My family is being extremely supportive as well, thanks guys.

I Finally Went to the Doctor!

Liz, I went for you. Just kidding.

Well that is true, I went to the doctor today to deal with this awful bug I'm fighting. I have an ear infection and some sinus issues. But all is OK now. I have been prescribed an antibiotic, and he wanted to give me a steroid too but I had to talk him out of it cause I don't want any weight gain. Some now I'm heavily medicated, talking and typing a little slow, but if it will make me feel better i don't really care.

I didn't workout this morning, I figured I could probably use an extra 2 hours of sleep than workout, and I got a really good workout last night. So tonight after the ballgame (my niece's game) I'll have to go make up for the workout I missed today.

I was told today that I was in 11th place. I have not seen the results yet so I don't know if that is right. All that means is I have to gain 10 places in the next 6 weeks, so I can win. Ill let you know once I see the results if that is right. Ill keep you posted.

6 more days til you know...

Monday, January 21, 2008

Blueberry Muffin

Ok, I really am going to bed, I just had a funny. I was just checking my other usual sites, facebook, people, you know...and the gift of the day on facebook is a Blueberry Muffin. If you haven't already read (which you should have) my car was smelling like one of these the other day and I wanted one really badly. Just though I would share!


I'm very sorry I have not written today. I have been slammed all day, this is really the first time I've sat down and just relaxed. I actually weighed this morning at about 8:30 so you can see I am a little late. The weigh in went great this morning. I lost 5 lbs. That makes a total of 13 lbs. in two weeks. I'm very happy with the results so far.

I have not been feeling well, I think if I can get rid of this funk that I have right now then I will be able to get a more intense workout. At the moment I am coughing ever 5 minutes and it makes me lose my momentum.

I will work through it, this is just one of those stepping stones I have to get through. I cant just quit cause I didn't feel well...then I wouldn't go back. So I'm pushing through, 2 workouts a day(for the most part) til the end.

Well everyone, goodnight, yes it is 9:20 and I'm fixing to go to bed. You burn more calories sleeping than watching TV. Just remember that tip for the day.

7 days til the next weigh in.


Sunday, January 20, 2008

Funny Workout

Well, like I said yesterday...I went to workout with my dad today. We had a really good time. I did the elliptical machine for 27 minutes on level 5 that is my best so far. It's nice to have someone to talk to, dad was on the machine next to me. Then we went to the swimming pool to get some laps in. I swam some we know I only swim so I can get into the hot tub. Anyway, I swam my laps and when I was finished I was going to teach my dad to do a flip turn in the pool. It was extremely funny...I wish I had a video camera. One time he kicked off the side wall and went through two lanes. He got better as he kept practicing but it was still really funny.

Tonight we went to eat Mexican for supper. One of my favorites but not what I would have chosen before a weigh in...but I'll load up on water before tomorrow.

I'm a little nervous about the weigh in tomorrow, I know the second week is not going to be as good as the first but I would like to at least match the same number or be close to where I was last week. Wish me LUCK!!!

Weigh in tomorrow.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Don't Wait til the Last Minute

OK so today was crazy, going here and there, and everywhere. I did learn something today though. Don't go to the gym when you're in a hurry. I went today and I had 45 minutes until the gym closed. So...I started my workout, and when I got warmed up I moved to the elliptical machine. The gym was going to close in 27 minutes so I set the timer for 25 minutes. The entire time I was working out I was afraid I was going to get in trouble because I would still be working out when they closed. So I was killing myself on the machine, like if I was to work faster and harder that the time on the elliptical would magically move faster.

So needless to say, my legs were like jelly when I got off. But it actually felt good and I know I can do that workout a little harder that I had been doing it before.

Well after my workout my sisters and I and a friend did some waxing...beautification all around. I just hope when I get up tomorrow I don't have big red splotches on my face for church. Thats not usually a problem but you never know.

Tomorrow is the last day before the next weigh in, so I'll have to get some good working out in tomorrow and eat right. TONS AND TONS OF WATER TOMORROW. Luckily I will have a workout buddy tomorrow, my dad goes on Sunday and the same time so the workout will be hard and fun.

1 day til the weigh in.

A Good Night

So we went to the movies tonight...27 cute!!!!! We had a great time. I went with 2 of my sisters my cousin and my niece. Let me just say that my niece "Kelly" is so sweet, she massaged my sore arms on the way to the movie and while we were watching the previews. Next time she is sore...I will massage her and fix her ice cream or something.

Anyway, so I didn't eat any popcorn, I was a good girl. I took some pretzel sticks and a granola bar in my purse. I had some pretzels and then chewed gum til I thought my jaw was going to crack, but it works. I will say that pretzel sticks are great, it takes a while to eat them if you nibble and it fools your mind. It was really nice to not have to floss my teeth in the car on the way home. ha ha.

Well I have a crazy day tomorrow, full of work, basketball, and some how getting my workout in. Hopefully, I will still have enough energy to yell at the refs. (Yep I'm one of those people)

2 Days til Weigh In! Wish me luck.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Decision Time

OK, so I'm going to the movies tonight!!!! 27 Dresses and I am so excited.

You know its really impossible to be on a diet and enjoy a movie. First, you want popcorn, there is nothing like going to a movie and chowing down on a small popcorn that is the size of a small sail boat. Not only is it enough popcorn for an elementary, now they offer free refills, like you need more! Or you can do the responsible thing and order the kids size with no butter or salt, basically you are eating fluffy pieces of cardboard that stick to the roof of your mouth.

There is one final decision, order the large diet coke (just a touch smaller than the Pacific Ocean) and drink it while you hear all the people around you enjoy the popcorn, and put granola bars in your purse for when you just have to have something to munch on. Just "food" for thought.

My body hurts!

Well, again I dragged myself out of bed at the crack of dawn to go workout.

Last night we had a group workout for all the people that are doing the program. I was late to the workout so I was stuck with the weights that were left. Now this is a toning class so I was hoping for the 5-7 lb. weights, but since I was late I got the 10 lb. weights. So needless to say this morning when I started my workout my arms are SUPER sore.

But enough with the complaining...I'm feeling pretty good. This morning I did my workout on the elliptical, bike, and treadmill, then i went down to the pool for a swim. I figure that it is a waste to put on my bathing suit just to get in the hot tub, so I swam some laps for good measure. then, AHHHHHHHHH, I got in the hot tub. It felt so good on my arms and all over. I almost fell asleep in there.

Well that's pretty much all I've done so far today. I'm going to eat lunch at one of my favorite places today, so hopefully I can make good food decisions too.

OH, and a little funny of the day...something in my car smells like blueberry muffins. I don't know what in the world it could be cause heaven knows I haven't had a blueberry muffin in a week and 5 days and I don't really know when the last time I had one. But man it makes me want one REALLY badly.

3 Days til the next Weigh in.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

8 Weeks

Hello again, I know its the same day as the other post, but this is about something new.

I have started a weight loss program at our local health club...cleverly named "Biggest Loser." I am actually a week and 4 days into the program and I have dropped 8 lbs. The program is 8 weeks long, and I am determined to WIN!!!!! I don't care what the prize is I just want to win.

During this 8 week program I would like to lose 40-45 lbs. I will keep you posted on my workouts and diet, I'll let you know of anything that works for me and you can try to if you would like.


The Beginning


My name is Emily and I am a first time blogger. I am from a small town and I work as a real estate agent. I have read that if you keep a journal of your daily activities that it will help with the journey you are taking, so I just figured I will make mine public.

I have been overweight all my life...for the most part. In high school I lost about 75 lbs. *really skinny, but then I went to college and gained it all back and about 50 more for good measure. haha. I'm a happy person, not depressed from my weight, I wear sleeveless shirts, shorts and even bathing suits without the little skirt. I'm just old enough now to realize that I'm still young enough to lose weight and not have some crazy belly skin thing going on.

Total I want to lose 120lbs, but I'm also realistic. It's a process that will take some time and if anyone is interested, please follow along.

I would like to say one more thing...I have an unusual sense of humor. I use the word "FAT" because I am. I don't call other people that cause it wouldn't be nice if they were offended by it. So please don't think by the use of the word that I am some how fishing for the "oh...your not fat" complement. Some people say fluffy, or big boned, or more to love, I just prefer to call it what it is...fat!
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