Friday, January 25, 2008

The Diet

Ive had a lot of people asking if I am doing Weight Watchers or the Zone or South Beach, I didn't realize that I haven't really talked about my eating habits.

I'm not really following any particular diet plan. I'm really trying to eat a balanced diet, pretty much following the food pyramid. I have cut back a touch on my carbs but not crazy cut back...I really just try to stay close to or under 150 grams a day.

The majority of my calories come from carbs, then I have added a lot of meat to my diet as some of you know I am not a huge meat eater, but I have been eating a lot more chicken and turkey (birds mostly) and if I can find some that I like I will be adding fish to the menu.

As far a fruits and veggies go...I eat as many as I can in a day, within reason. I don't like many foods in this category, so i try no to overdo it cause if I do I wont eat any fruits or veggies.

I am also a fan of "the candy." Really any kind of candy will candy always taste better, but I wont discriminate, I like all kinds of candy. I have tried really hard to cut the candy out all together. If I feel like I just have to have a piece or I am going to DIE, then I try to stick to hard candy or something sugar free. I have become a chewing gum fanatic, because it has 5 calories a stick and it keeps the sweet tooth away and it last a while.

I made it a fact to not try to be on any particular diet because I am part of a big family who loves to go out to eat together. I don't want to have to completely rule out restaurants that others want to go to cause I'm on a diet. I went online and printed off the nutrition facts for all the fast food restaurants we have here, and that way I can make a good decision about the food I eat and can still eat anywhere.


Anna Catherine said...

What are some of your fast food suggestions?

EVA said...

sounds like a good plan. i started out with a specific diet, but now im kinda doing the same thing. seems like it's working for ya!

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