Saturday, January 19, 2008

Don't Wait til the Last Minute

OK so today was crazy, going here and there, and everywhere. I did learn something today though. Don't go to the gym when you're in a hurry. I went today and I had 45 minutes until the gym closed. So...I started my workout, and when I got warmed up I moved to the elliptical machine. The gym was going to close in 27 minutes so I set the timer for 25 minutes. The entire time I was working out I was afraid I was going to get in trouble because I would still be working out when they closed. So I was killing myself on the machine, like if I was to work faster and harder that the time on the elliptical would magically move faster.

So needless to say, my legs were like jelly when I got off. But it actually felt good and I know I can do that workout a little harder that I had been doing it before.

Well after my workout my sisters and I and a friend did some waxing...beautification all around. I just hope when I get up tomorrow I don't have big red splotches on my face for church. Thats not usually a problem but you never know.

Tomorrow is the last day before the next weigh in, so I'll have to get some good working out in tomorrow and eat right. TONS AND TONS OF WATER TOMORROW. Luckily I will have a workout buddy tomorrow, my dad goes on Sunday and the same time so the workout will be hard and fun.

1 day til the weigh in.

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