Saturday, January 19, 2008

A Good Night

So we went to the movies tonight...27 cute!!!!! We had a great time. I went with 2 of my sisters my cousin and my niece. Let me just say that my niece "Kelly" is so sweet, she massaged my sore arms on the way to the movie and while we were watching the previews. Next time she is sore...I will massage her and fix her ice cream or something.

Anyway, so I didn't eat any popcorn, I was a good girl. I took some pretzel sticks and a granola bar in my purse. I had some pretzels and then chewed gum til I thought my jaw was going to crack, but it works. I will say that pretzel sticks are great, it takes a while to eat them if you nibble and it fools your mind. It was really nice to not have to floss my teeth in the car on the way home. ha ha.

Well I have a crazy day tomorrow, full of work, basketball, and some how getting my workout in. Hopefully, I will still have enough energy to yell at the refs. (Yep I'm one of those people)

2 Days til Weigh In! Wish me luck.

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