Thursday, February 21, 2008

Another Workout Funny

I went to the gym again last night with my buddy. All the machines were taken so we decided to go into the aerobics room and hit the punching bag a little and do our crunches first. Well, the punching bag was fun, its always nice to beat the crap out of something. So then we found jump ropes, just that word makes me out of breath and makes my calves hurt. Well my buddy had a great IDEA that we were going to have a contest to see who could jump 100 time without stopping first. So we start jumping like crazy, and after about 3 minutes I learn that she is Jump rope illiterate. She gets about 8 in a row while I busting my tail trying to get 100, needless to say I won but really, who challenges you to something without thinking they have a chance to win.

Well after the jump rope fiasco, we did our abs. I made the comment "lets see who can do 100 first" I won this one too but I'm afraid I'm not really a winner. Everytime I cough today, or move, or get in or out of the car, or BLINK it hurts my abs. But it had to work them good to make them this sore.

I have a group workout tonight, and I really hope she puts it on us tonight. Cause after workout I'm eating Mexican, Ole.

Still 4 days.....

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Bethany Patton said...

Hey Emily, my computer literally fell apart, and I just now got a new one. I will have to read back and see how this is all going for you. Keep it up!

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