Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Funny Workout

Well I was going to the gym yesterday after I got my haircut. I missed my biggest loser meeting and everything just to get this haircut, it was that bad. So I knew I had a huge workout since I missed the group one.

When I got to the gym, my workout buddy was already there and on the treadmill and another man who is in my biggest loser group was there. Well when I came in they were watching Deal or No Deal. With in 20 minutes everyone in the room was really into the show. Just in case you were not watching she took the 449,000 and had a million in the case.

Anyway, once the show was over the place kind of cleared out, so we got on the elliptical machines and talked and talked and then watched the show My Dad is Better Than your Dad. Another new one. Anyway we workout for a little over an hour and just had the best time. Needless to say, when I woke up this morning I could hardly walk. I don't know if I was going harder than normal on the elliptical or treadmill because I wasn't paying attention, but my legs are in "some kind of PAIN" today.

But it was a good workout.

Now on the the Biggest Loser. We have 2 weeks left and I really want to hit the 40 lbs. mark before this thing is over. I have not had the chance to go by today to see the ranking but I hope I went up. Ill let you know.

6 days....

1 comment:

Anna Catherine said...

From what I heard your workout buddy was a little sore, too. Acted like you were pushing her pretty hard!! :)

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