Thursday, February 21, 2008

I Need Some Help

I am trying to find a good breakfast bar type thing that I can take out of the house on days that I am running late and eat in the car or at work when I don't have time to fix my breakfast. That said, I need it to be low in calories and fat and sugar and carbs. I have been trying for a few weeks now to find the perfect one and still have not had any luck.

I like the Quaker granola bars and Kudos but they are not very filling they just satisfy me for a snacky type time.

I tried the Nature Valley with Yogurt, BLAH, ok so its not that bad but not good either and the regular Nature Valley are to many calories.

So please help, I'm taking any suggestions I can get cause I need a good quick breakfast option.

4 days....


The Williams said...

I am no pro at this, but I just went to a nutrition seminar on Monday night given by my trainer. And, here is what she told us. You probaly need a good mix of fat, protein, and carbs in the morning in a 1/2/3 ratio..if that makes sense. I just ordered some Clif Builder's Bars online. They have to be the "Builder's Bars"....not just the normal Clif Bars because they have too much sugar. It seems like a lot of calories, but you need some good calories in the morning to jump start your metabolism. If you want, I can email you her notes that she sent me. I am eating every 3 hours...which can be frustrating but hopefully I will get some good results. Mags can give you my email address. Good luck and keep it are doing great!

The Williams said...

Okay Emily...scratch that last comment. YUCK! I got them today and they taste horrible!!!!!!!!!

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