Friday, February 22, 2008

Slippery mats were Invented by the same guy who Created McDonalds Happy Meal Toys

I had my group workout last night, and as you all know I was a little sore from my "contests" the night before.

Well, I was thinking that working out last night would help fight the soreness, guess again. We used these new things that I have never used before, not new to the gym called slider mats. Wow!!!!! That is really the only expression I have for it.

What you do is get out this slippery little mat about the size of a yoga mat. And then you put on these slippery little socks. Now when I say slippery I mean like ice with owl you know what on it. Now the mat has two little plastic stoppers on each end to stop you when your moving. In my case it’s like putting down a linking log to stop an 18 wheeler.

Ok so once you get on it you have to propel yourself back and forth across the slippery part until you hit the plastic piece and then go back the other way. On my first passage across I felt something special crack on the inside of my thighs, then I got to thinking what was going to happen if one of my feet got away from me, I would fall into the splits with no way of stopping myself. But I got through the first part fine, no injuries except my "special one" and then I was fine.

So as we continue on through the class we go back to the slippery (death) mats. This time we are going to do the mountain climber with our hands on the solid ground and our feet on the blasted mat. Well when you are in position for this one you realize that when and I stress when you fall you are going to hit flat on your face and stomach. Well we were suppose to do this exercise for 2 minutes, doesn’t sound like much, at about 45 seconds I was in extreme pain and had to put my knee down, to stop the sliding, so I got back up and started again. At about 1:15 I completely sat on the floor, pretty sure that was how I was going to die. Then I finished the last 30 seconds. When I got off of the little thing I had to move to my weight interval. I couldn’t even lift my 5 lb. dumbbell cause I couldn’t catch my breath.

Even the aerobic instructor has trouble with the mountain climber and had to stop, then she apologized for making us do it so long, that she didn’t know how hard that was. I figure if she struggled with it then I did pretty darn good.

So, long story short, the workout last night didn’t workout the soreness in my stomach, it actually made it worse and added a little extra soreness to some of my favorite muscles that should never, ever, ever be worked out.

Tip for the day.....if they instructor says "go get the slippery mats" just go ahead and drop a heavy dumbbell on your foot and try to break something so you can just go home. The broken foot hurts less than the day after the slippery mat.

3 days....

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