Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Ok So Now About the Contest

Well, I had the chance to see the rankings today..... Number 6 is my placement.

I am ranked 6th with a weight loss of 7 and a halfish % and the person in number 1 is at 10 and a halfish % so I have some hard work to catch up. I will say that she has been the biggest loser for the last two weeks in a row so I'm hoping she does not have much less to lose, HOPING!!

But I had a great workout today, I walked for about 20 minutes at a 4.5 incline, got nearly a mile on the walk, that was my warm up, and then I did the elliptical for 25 minutes, and it about killed me today. Probably because I have not used that machine in forever. But then the really great thing happened, I got a half a mile swimming in the pool tonight, that is further than I have made it before and I felt like I could have kept going. I started to feel the burn in my arms at about lap 5 but once I got past that I could have swam all night.

Well, anyway, I will be swimming again in the morning I'm going to try for a mile but I'm not sure I can go quite that far yet. I will go as much as I can.

I bought a new alarm clock tonight because for the last week or so my alarm clock has been completly unreliable. It has not even been going off, not I didnt want to workout. So I have a new one now and maybe this one will work.

5 days til.....

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