Thursday, February 28, 2008


I have had a lot of request for pictures, and I am working on it. I don't really have any before pictures but I do have some taken right around Christmas, so for all of you who want pictures, I'm trying. You wore me down.

Ha Ha. It's my blog I can put what I want to. :)

I took the picture off cause my sister said it made her mad. Sorry guys, I thought it was funny.


Kim said...

I found your blog searching for others who are losing weight. Isn't it such a pain? I had fun gaining the weight, but I'm not exactly swinging from the rafters losing it. I enjoyed your blog spot and wish you lots of luck and loss. I'm 14 lbs down since January 1st. My blog is about weight loss, my mixed up life and of course listening to myself talk! Check me out some time

Jen said...

Thanks for the mirror!! Now I know what I will look like with no double chin!!

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