Monday, March 31, 2008

Back again

Well tonight was great.....I finally got back to the gym, and it was extremely great. I lifted weights tonight and then did a little cardio. I will probably be sore tomorrow from lifting after missing for so long, but that just means its working.

I do however have a new workout buddy. One of my best girls is going to start working out with me and my "workout buddy" who by the way did absolutely nothing NOTHING tonight. My new workout buddy is about to be 50 years old and is ready to get in shape. We went over how all the machines work, and tomorrow we are working just cardio. I think she will do well.

We have started a new contest at the Patrick. This is just a weigh in thing, no meetings in classes, just weigh ins. We weigh in on Thursdays and not Monday this time, Yeah. Both my workout buddies have signed up too. One of my buddies is in the same wedding that I am singing in in 2 months and the other has to attend. We are going to look good, real good.

So the last post I said 4 days but that is not quite true, now we weigh on Thursday so 3 days....

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