Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Back on the Subject

Sorry, the last couple of post have not been weight loss related, I just thought they were funny. I have some news, I weighed this morning, I know it is not weigh day but I got a little excited. I woke up in a really really good mood this morning, I don't know why, so I weighed and I was down a pound. Pretty exciting.

I also had the best workout tonight. I did the bike for 15 minutes, the elliptical machine for 41 minutes and the treadmill for a mile, I don't know the time on that one. I'm really working on running a mile. At one point in my life I could run a 7 minute mile and now I can barely run a quarter of a mile. So new mini goal, 1 mile!!!!!

I have had a really sore calf for the last few days, more like weeks, and I thought it was the lifting weights but I think now it is the elliptical machine. I lifted last night no pain, elliptical tonight, AHHHHHHHH! No big deal, still have to work out.

3 days......

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