Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Guess What!!!!

I finally got to lift weights. Last night I got to lift both arms and legs, and today I didn't lift. My arms were not as sore as I thought they would be and my legs hurt worse than I thought. I was really sure it would be the other way around. But anyway, I was really excited to lift. My workout buddy came with me, and she was more sore in her arms than legs. I just find it amazing that both of us did the same workout and were sore in different ways.

I've been busy today so I didn't get to tell you all about my weight lifting. We went to workout again tonight and had a much easier workout. I had a stomach ache tonight so I needed a easier workout. While we were there tonight she got news that one of her friends was engaged. Woo Hoo. But the entire time she was there she was getting text messages from other friends. So that said, I am officially adding number whatever to the etiquette list, no cell phones in the gym. If you are working out with someone else, do not bring your cell phone.

And something else, Look at me a little chatter box today, I was told that my aunt wants to come work out with me and my buddy. If you are reading this, WE WOULD LOVE TO HAVE YOU!!!! As everyone who reads this knows, I love having someone to workout with. So come on to the gym and we will lift weights and do cardio and be sore together. Yeah. My sister has also said she might like to join to, so I may never have to workout alone again EVER. YEAH!

2 days.....

P.S. The biggest loser program that I was involved in is officially over but we were told that starting in April we will be doing weigh ins again, just no more group classes. So it will be starting up again soon, sort of.

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