Sunday, March 30, 2008


Hey all,

I want to start this post, without an apology. I have had a crazy week, like crazy beyond crazy, and if any of you had experienced this week you would understand. I have had another week without a good real workout but I have eaten really well for the most part. I started this week with a small health scare. My mom was sick all weekend with a stomach bug and they put her in the hospital on Monday for fluids, then something happened and they transferred her to Huntsville Hospital. We stayed there for two days, she came home on Wednesday. Well, Wednesday night we stayed up all night, and yes I mean all night, not one minute of sleep getting ready for a Yard Sale that we had planned for Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. So the rest of the week I have spent at the yard sale, and trying to catch up on sleep. So anyway, I have not weighed in forever, I don't even have an idea of my weight. When I finally weigh I will let you all know.

So again, I'm not sorry for not posting but I should be able to get some in this week.

5 days.

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