Monday, March 10, 2008


So as I mentioned before 2 of my sisters and I gave the 3rd a makeover last night. Now I had nothing to do with the planning of this, basically I just got to go and line up a hair dresser that would come to her house at 10 o'clock at night. So she agreed to the makeover at church that morning, and so my other sister decided that she would change her mind or hide clothes if she knew we were coming so....the ambushed her. They got there about 9:30 and told her what was going on and then the hairdresser and I showed up a few minutes later. Yes her husband did know we were coming, thank you for not giving up the secret and making her stay awake. She is a teacher so she goes to be around (I don't really know) 5.

Basically what we did was give her a new hair style and then went through the closet and took away clothes that she can never EVER wear again.

So I have started with the before pictures, NOTICE THE 80's Perm!

I have added some wonderful pictures of some of the clothing we took out of the closet. Yes we did throw a lot away, but most was saved for Goodwill and our Yard Sale that is coming up.

First I would like to start with these gems...Your eyes are not deceiving you. YES those are wicker shoes with giant blue flowers.

This shirt could make and epileptic person have a seizure. Sooooo many colors and diagonal lines. It makes my eyes hurt.

This is a wonderful sweater circa 1994. Enough said...

Now these treasures are brand new...never worn, so if you would like to come pick these up at the yard sale they wont have foot sweat in them or anything. But be careful, with that faux fur lining that folds down, you might create a little foot sweat of your own.

These were described as her "dispatch shoes." Yes she worked as a police dispatcher, 13 years ago, and since when did you have to have a special type of shoes to sit at a desk or answer phones. Really.

OHHHHHHHH and we move on to the basketball shoes. Now she is 34 years and has not played basketball since her freshman year in high school, HIGH SCHOOL. That means these shoes are fixing to turn 20 years old. Happy Birthday.

Wow, there are so many things to say about this bag. Now the saying on it is pretty cute..."put your big girl panties on and deal with it" but do big girls really carry bags with sequins and boa feathers on it.

These were described as the best river shoes. Ha Ha. They need to take a solo trip down the river.
When we finished this was the pile of clothes that were being thrown out. This does not include the shoes. We had 4 full garbage bags of clothes and 2 more with shoes. I made one of my sisters sit by the pile so you could see really how big it was.

So after 4 hours a haircut and a closet clean out this was the final result, she is wearing the same outfit, it was really late, but look at the cute hair.
Now, some bargains had to be made. She was allowed to keep one of her favorite outside sweatshirts, but if she gets caught wearing it in public Maggie will rip it off her body and throw it away.
In conclusion, I would like to extend a special thanks to some very special people. First I would like to thank her husband for keeping her up and not telling. Then I would like to thanks Martha who cut the hair in the middle of the night even though she had to be up early to work this morning. I would like to thank Gus for keeping all of us entertained during the hair cutting process.
If you would like the dream team to visit your house in the middle of the night, sorry. We are kinda blunt and it would probably hurt your feelings.


Bethany Patton said...

Oh my goodness Emily, this is the funniest post! Tell Katie her new do looks great....what great sisters you guys are!

Anna Catherine said...

Her hair is really cute!! I think my favorite were the basketball shoes. Y'all didn't throw out any socks did you???

Kim said...

Your sister's cut looks really great on her. I really need someone to be blunt and clean my closet, though I don't think I want to do it in the middle of the night! What a fun thing for sisters to do.

Anonymous said...

To respond to the comment by Anna Catherine, NO NO NO did we throw away socks!!! They, Lizzie and Magie, did try to get me to throw away some Christmas socks, BUT ..... Anyway, NO socks were trashed during the cleanup!
Any, by the way, you guys ARE GREAT sisters!!! Love ya all!

Emily said...

we did to throw socks away, the Easter and Christmas and Valentines Day and Halloween socks.

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