Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Multiple Issues, One Post

I really thought that after 10 weeks of working out my body would have adjusted and not be sore. My body hurts so bad. I really am amazed, I have weeks where nothing hurts and I feel skinny and strong, and then I have weeks like this one where everything hurts the entire workout and afterwards too. I am on the verge of a stomach ulcer because of the amount of Alieve I take with the negative amount of food.

Ok, sorry about that, enough bellyaching.


I have to call out my workout buddy. She has been a weenie this week. On Monday I gave her a pass cause the water at her house was out due to a broken water pipe or something so she didn't want to get sweaty at the gym, she did a really mild workout. By mild I mean she got on the leg press machine and didn't put any weight on it. I understood. Then on Tuesday, she didn't workout cause she had class. Completely forgiven cause I knew school was a mandatory thing before she signed up. But then today, no class, water working fine...."she just didn't feel like it" You didn't feel like it, tough. She hasn't worked out in 5 days at least and you didn't feel like it. (Put on your big girl panties and deal with it) Ha ha see below.

I will be expecting a good workout tomorrow or you better be coming up with some better excuses.

Tonight I went to workout with my niece and her friend from school. I was the designated driver. And for the most part I ate good today, little splurge on lunch but then I had a killer workout tonight so I really don't feel bad about it.

I will just go ahead and let you guys know I have a killer day tomorrow so I will probably not be posting tomorrow or it will be late. I do have an advantage tomorrow, I will be really busy so not a lot of time to sit and eat junk. Look for the positive. Ill try to get on sometime if I can.

2 days.....

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