Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Thanks Everyone

You guys have left some of the kindest comments (some of you have even called or sent me facebook notices)...Some of you have even thanked me for doing this but you don't realize how helpful it has been to have to tell people when I gained one week or when I had a bad day, or how excited to tell the people that read my blog that I've had a great day. This has made me accountable to so many people that I don't want to do bad cause then everyone knows that I did badly. Thanks again.

And thank you very much to my sisters who have been very supportive and nice (even when I have not, cause I have not eaten in 2 days cause I have to weigh in) and made me diet chili so I could eat dinner with everyone else and saved me cupcakes for when this thing was over. You guys have been a lot of help.

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