Sunday, March 2, 2008


Yeah, The Biggest Loser is over tomorrow. I have had lots of questions about this, yes, I am going to continue to lose weight. (at least attempt to) I will also continue to blog about it. I am taking tomorrow off, and then Tuesday I will begin my workouts again. To be honest I will probably workout at some point tomorrow. But I am going to eat some things that I have not allowed myself to have since this thing started.

I'm also going to start lifting a couple of days a week. I'm glad I did this program cause it got me back to the gym. Tomorrow I am going to try to get a new workout program that includes lifting weights with a mix of cardio and swimming. I'm really excited.

My family is also excited that this program is over tomorrow. Apparently I am not very nice when I am hungry. But until I get the rest of this weight off I will be hungry for a while. Sorry Guys.

Less than 1 day.............


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Kim said...

Good luck Emily -- I hope you reach your goal. I'm trying to jumpstart myself this week -- I've been a bit lazy in the weight loss for the past couple of weeks, so this week it's time to push myself.

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