Friday, April 4, 2008

Eating out Tips (that work for me)

You will all be happy to know that I am no longer sore, well not really all the way over it but mostly. My stomach hurts a little and I have a spot on my left leg that I am pretty sure is going to rot out and fall off, but other than that the soreness is gone. I'm really excited about that. We had cardio last night and I worked pretty hard there. When I left I went to eat dinner with my friends. I didn't think I was as sweaty as I had been but about and hour into dinner I was FREEZING.

Oh and I had the best dinner last night. I find it really hard to eat out when I am really tyring to stick to a weight loss plan, other than Subway I don't know where to go. Well we went to Mexican last night, on of the hardest places for me to have self control, but I figure that I have to be able to eat everywhere. Well a few weeks I discovered if I drink a ton of water before they even bring the chips and salsa then I don't eat near as much. Also, I bring my own chips. I can buy baked chips at Wal-Mart before I go and that cuts my calorie content majorly. Well, after 6 glasses of water and 1 diet coke, I was really not all that hungry anymore, but I did get to eat chips and salsa (good chips), and I ordered a chicken taco, no cheese. It was really satisfying and I didn't have belly ache when I left like I usually do when I eat Mexican.

The only down side to the water theory is you have to go to the bathroom all night long. It gets annoying after a while, but I just try to look at it like this, I can have to go to the bathroom all night or not be able to sleep because I gorged myself eating way to much and now my belly aches. So, it works for me, if you love Mexican give it a try.

5 days.....

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