Friday, May 23, 2008

Along with a More Active Lifestyle

We all know Ive lost about 35 lbs total, not really any more since I last posted and not a great big number or anything but, I have noticed that I have been able to do things physically that I was not able to do before. For example my sister had my niece's birthday party at a place called Pump It Up, which is just one of those places that has tons of blow up toys. There were basketball courts and jousting and a giant slide and an obstacle course. Not only could I get IN all of the contraptions but I played all night without getting horribly winded.

It is just little things like that that make me happy I am still doing this weigh loss thing.

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Anonymous said...

I am hoping to notice some improvements after losing the first 30 - 40 lbs as well. At the moment I can feel very little difference (only just started this week) and I am not the world's most patient person! I think that is my problem with diets, I always want instant results, and that just is not possible.

Glad to find a few dieters who are part way along the journey already.

best wishes,

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