Wednesday, June 4, 2008

One Crazy Weekend

Well I found out that the mean comment writer was my sister, Thank you very much, so now just so you all know if she does not stop I will stop allowing comments from Anonymous users. She is going to spoil it for everyone.

Anyway, I had a great weekend. We went on the river again this weekend. I was in the boat with my non-paddling sister again, but man, she really came to my rescue this trip. I got really tired during the last leg of the trip and she jumped in a paddled her little heart. *thanks.

In preparation for this wonderful trip, I packed a cooler with healthy snacks, turkey sandwiches and baked lays and the only snack food I had was pretzel sticks. We got on the water about 9 o'clock and by 9:30 my dad had given away all of my pretzels, so I had no snacks for the water. I was pretty mad about it and I was starving by the time we got off the water. It didn't really matter though cause we celebrated my niece's birthday that night so I got to eat some MEXICAN!!! Don't worry I did good there too, I am that crazy person that carries my own chips in the restaurant with me.


On Sunday this weekend I went to the State Championship in Trap Shooting in Nashville. My niece Kelly finished Second in the state. We were all really proud. My sister that went with us, kind of a superstitious person did a squat on the first shot, and it was a hit. Being a little OCD she then had to do a squat for the next 99 shots. She was hurting after about 50 and it was not over yet. It was really funny to watch, she would stand as the other 4 kids shot and then she would squat for Kelly, and as soon as the shot went off she would stand up and start moving back and forth. And just when you thought it couldn't get any better, I have it on video. I spent more time watching her and laughing than the shoot.

Well that is pretty much how my weekend went, I showed some property in there as well but for the most part just had a lot of fun and didn't stray to far from my diet. I did eat part of a "Bucket O' Fries" and they were good, but like I said did good on the diet for the most part.


The Williams said...

Ha! Love the video...that is hilarious. I bet she got a good knees would have been killing me!

Anonymous said...

"Well I found out that the mean comment writer was my sister, Thank you very much"

Women can be so hurtful to other women. (I have just blogged about my painful teenage memories being victimised and ostracised by various female bullies.)

Best wishes,

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