Monday, June 16, 2008

Hi People

Hey you all.

Just so you know I have not been neglecting my blog cause I didn't want to, I kind of forgot all about it.

That is really sad to admit but I did. Anyway, I'm back now. Well I will let you all know how its been going. I have not gotten to do my traditional workout for the last little bit but I have been riding my bike a lot more. I thought it would really show on the scale that I have not had a chance to go to the gym, but when I weighed the last time I was down 3 lbs. from the last weigh in. So I was pretty excited about that. I have worked til like 7 or 8 the last couple of nights if not later. And then on top of that I have had ballgames galore to go to. But tonight after my last appointment, at 6:15, I will be at the gym.


Just so you know I am still trying to figure out how to do the VLOG thing, you will know when I figure it out.


Nanny Tucker said...

CONGRATS!! I know how hard it is to keep those pounds coming off. Hang in there!
Love You!

Nanny Tucker said...

See Emily, I could be worse. You could forget your name!!!!

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