Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Huntsville Air Show

Well this weekend I had the joy of attending the Huntsville air show. As many of you know on Sunday a little boy was killed and others injured at the same air show. Please pray for his family. However, we were there on Saturday, and the weather didn't start until we left. Anyway we had a marvelous time. We got to sit in a tent right on the runway and had an up close and personal view of the tricks.

I have some pictures coming of the air show but I have to get them off my nieces camera. I do have a couple taken from my cell phone.

Now these were the 6 Blue Angel planes. Very cool. They were much more precise than the others but they were so so so much louder. The people from this area probably know of Scott and De De Morning show. Well she was in our tent with her little boy. And the blue angels started and it scared the crap out of him. Before I knew I was holding him and he had his head on my shoulder. He was precious. I think the noise was just a little too much for him.

And while I'm just dropping names, I also got to meet another person this week that I am absolutely in LOVE with. None other than the magnificent Don Phelps walked into my tent. I know it sounds crazy that I am crazy for a news personality but I don't care who thinks I am crazy. I have a picture with him too, and its on its way. I even told him I was going to blog about him.

Well I just wanted to share my fun experience with you all, and check up on this for some additional pictures.

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