Monday, August 18, 2008

Hello Again

Sorry so long since the last post. I have been crazy busy getting my house in order and I do not have my Internet set up at home yet. As of now all of my free time has been spent unpacking, painting, or moving. I am hoping things will settle down a bit so I can post a little bit more but I'm not going to promise anything. Work is busy which I never want to slow down and we are fixing to have 4 sports in season. So crazy my not touch it.

Enough with all that, I have an update for you but not really one that I trust all that much. I had to move my scales and as I said before I was really scared about moving them. Well I weighed this week and I don't know that I really trust what the scale said. It said I was up 6 pounds and I find that hard to believe that in one week of moving and working for hours a day that I gained any weight much less 6 lbs. So I am going to stay with that weight for this week but hopefully my scales will settle in a new place and they will be more accurate this week. That 6 lbs alone could kill me in this contest.

Also, I wanted to share another good workout with you guys. I, for the first time ever, mowed my lawn. I have never had a lawn before and never had to mow growing up, so at 24 years old I mowed my first yard. It was a little tricky at first but I started getting the hang of it. But it is a great workout. My legs were burning when I was finished and I was sweating like crazy. So, if you start to hear of that crazy lady that is clipping her yard every afternoon it is probably me trying to get a workout without going to the gym.

Have a good day everyone, and I will be in touch...

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