Friday, September 26, 2008

That Point

I have been doing well this whole week, about 10 days now, with no cheating and really really eating well. I have discovered that over the last thousand times I have been on a diet this is when it gets hard. Everything I have seen and thought about today (food wise) sounds good. I AM HUNGRY!!!!!!

Just needed to vent about that for a second.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Emily, Just found your blog when I was doing a search on the Leaves of Lincoln ride. I just started riding again in April. Started eating better and rode just a couple of times a week. Noticed I was losing weight and got fired up. I'm 48 and had not
been on a bike in 20 years and I asked a buddy how long he thought it would take me to ride 1000 miles - he said 10 weeks. Did it in 8, and this is my 19th week now.
I'm almost to 3000 miles (okay, I might be a little bit compulsive/obsessive). I like seeing the miles get higher but the main number that drives me is the 80 pounds I have lost. Keep on keeping on. It was inspiring to read some of your blogs and see someone else on a similar journey. Have a great day and a good workout. Rick, the freethrow fanatic

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