Wednesday, October 15, 2008

John McCain

I know you all think that by the title this is going to be a political post....guess again. Many of you who know me know I am an extremely political person, but I swore I would not allow myself to talk about politics on my blog.

The reason I named this post John McCain is because I spent the entire day yesterday not being able to lift my arms more than shoulder height. I am not making fun of this presidential hopeful, just trying to find a new way to tell you that, YES I AM STILL SORE. My workout this morning was arms again and I think I may have worked out most of the soreness. My legs are still holding in there, probably because they are getting a lot of use with my cardio.

Also, I didn't weigh this morning I am still trying to wait til Friday but I was able to tell a little bit of a difference in my jeans this morning. So YEAH!!!!!!

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