Friday, October 3, 2008

Trail of Tears

I was going to share some pictures for you from our last weekends "fundraiser." The reason I put it like that is that it cost a lot more funds than we raised. We cooked and toted tons of food and drinks and buns and chips back and forth from school to the fairgrounds. The reason I am showing this to you now and not before now is because it was not funny until now.

This was the start of the pile, just drinks, the next one is my sisters standing next to the full pile in the corner. You can tell how big it is compared to them.

Another reason I finally spoke out about Trail of Tears is because here in our local papers and on the radio everyone seems to have an opinion about it. The dancers are mad they were pushed to the far side of the stadium, the vendors are mad cause we were told there was going to be 42,000 people and there were probably less than 5,000. The local businesses were hurt because of road closings, it just ended up being a huge disappointment, so I figured it could be my time to talk about it on my medium.

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