Wednesday, October 22, 2008


I don't know if I ever shared with you all my day on Saturday but I need to to explain this next picture. On Friday I went to the school to help my cousin with her basketball practice. The assistant coach was out of town. I went from there to the gym to get my workout in....all well and normal.
Well after the gym I went to my sisters house to help with some yard work. This is the main reason for the soreness this week. I got the job of using the axe (which I love and beg for) and getting stumps out of the ground. Well needless to say this killed my back and arms and even my legs. Well in the process of killing my body I also got a blister.

Now, yes I know a blister does not count as soreness but when you see where it is I want you all to try and imagine holding a dumbbell.

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