Monday, October 13, 2008


Guys I'll be honest with you I feel like I am saying the same thing over and over. With that being said:

I am still pretty sore today, I feel like I have been riding a horse all weekend. Its mostly my lower body that is sore but I just did a crazy hard arm workout today so "hopefully" my arms will be sore tomorrow. I have just received a copy of my book on circuit training and I am really enjoying it. I am about half way through it and already implementing the things that I have read. When I find a picture of it I will post for all of you to see. It is one of the Biggest Loser books and they say they sell it at most Wal-Marts but I couldn't ever find it there.

I am trying to weigh on Thursdays or Fridays and I will let y'all know where I am in my progress. If I weigh in the middle of the week I may not post it but I will probably change my ticker at the top of the page. I really try hard not to weigh in the middle of the week cause it makes the number bigger (hopefully) if I wait.

I am BIG on the BIG numbers. Wow, I know, bad play on words.

Until next time......

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