Friday, October 31, 2008

Weigh In

Well I had a good day today. I was down another 2 pounds. Yeah for me.

I have updated the ticker as well.

I will tell you all about my yesterday and why the stars were not aligned for me to get any exercise. I got to the gym in the morning and had been on the bike for 5 minutes to warm up and then just gotten on the treadmill to start the had core workout. At that time one of the workers came upstairs and told me that someone had hit my car in the parking lot. Now there are a lot of older people that come in in the morning so I just assumed that someone backed into my car and dinged it up a little bit. Not so much.

When I got outside I noticed that half of my bumper was sitting on the ground and there was all kinds of water spilled out on the ground. The car in front of mine was also hit pretty bad. We called the cops and a tow truck and by the time I got my car towed and a new car to drive I had about 15 minutes til I needed to be at work. So I went to work, NO WORKOUT!!!

Then when I went back to the gym in the afternoon to get my workout there was a small black car (that is what hit me) in the parking lot with front end damage and red paint. I immediately thought this might be the car that hit me. So the cops came out again. Turns out it was not but by the time this got straighted out I had missed about 30 minutes of the hour long workout class.

So total yesterday, a day I would have normally gotten 3 hours of workout time, I got a whopping 35 minutes.

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