Thursday, February 26, 2009

Still Number 1

I really cant believe it this week but I am still in first place. I was sure after such a poor weigh in that I would be in 2nd or 3rd. I guess I was not the only one to have a bad week. I was not the biggest loser this week "obviously."

4 days....

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Well after my specular weight loss last week I have cheated a couple of days by weighing on my scales at home. They are almost exactly 5 pounds lighter than the ones at the gym. Well according to them I have already gained 4 pounds this week. I know that it is probably not really a weight gain and only water but it is frustrating because after the 0.8 lbs last week I have really kicked up my workout routine. Yes, I am sore again. Just sharing.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Not Good

Well at the weigh in today I lost .8 lbs. I'm not happy with it, but I didn't gain. So I guess that is silver lining. Anyway if I had known it was going to be bad I would have had a cupcake at my nephews birthday party. Don't worry though I will get one today.

7 days....

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Most Frustrating Shopping Trip Ever

Ok there is a lot of complaining in this post so if you don't want to hear it I suggest you just stop reading now....

I went shopping last night. Had a free night, already did my workout for the day, needed some new bluejeans cause my are too big and have holes all in them. It just seemed like the perfect night to go shopping.

My first stop was Lane Bryant. I love this store. They have cute fashionable clothes for the "Big Girls." When I got there I saw that they had a new sizing system. It took about 3 minutes for me to discover that this system SUCKS. Instead of having regular sizes 14/16, 18/20, they have now gone to a 1, 2, 3 size system. I don't know why. There is not a single person that shops in this store that if you said, "I wear a 3" they would actually think you were a true size 3. Anyway, I had to try on 8 pairs of bluejeans before I found some that fit. And they don't even fit great. They are a little tight, but the next size up is huge. I put one pair on that were so tight in the legs that I could not even get them to my waist to button them. They were the same size as the ones I bought. It really was crazy.

So next I went to Dick's Sporting Goods. I really wish this store had a disclaimer on their door and website that says they don't cater to all athletes, just ones that are a L (large) or smaller. The reason I was going to this store was to get a bathing suit. Mine has gotten lost somewhere and I need one to swim and get in the hot tub on my big cardio days. Well before I even went to the store I was checking on their website to see if they had bathing suits in my size because I am aware that in February not many places will carry bathing suits much less big ones. Well there it was!!!!! I was really happy. (Now yes I know that some stores carry things on their website that are not in store but there was no "online only banner" with this bathing suit.) When I got to the store, they had a few racks of bathing suits, none in my size, and they didn't even have the brand that was advertised on their website. So, needless to say I was furious when I left the store.

I then went to a couple of other stores, looking for odds and ends that I needed and wanted. Left three other stores empty handed. Went to Target looking for a bag of chips that I love that I cannot seem to find anywhere anymore. The are the Light Tortilla Chips by Lays I believe. They didn't have any at Target but I got a few things there. I also stopped at a couple of store on the way home to see if they had the chips but "shocker" they did NOT.
By the way, if you see these anywhere please let me know. I am in desperate need of some good chips. All the people at my office want them too. We have been spoiled and cannot find them now.

After Target, by now I was fuming, I had one stop left, and when I pulled into the parking place they turned off the lights and locked the door. I pulled up right at closing time.

So to make a long story short, I had the worst shopping trip ever. Could not find any of the things I was looking for. The things I got weren't exactly right. And one store closed on me before I even got in the door.


Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Still Number 1

For now anyway. I was not the biggest loser this week but I am still in first place. I like seeing my name at the top of that list. I will have to keep working harder than #2. He is creeping up on me.

Ouch Ouch Ouch Ouch

If you didn't get it from the title I am incredibly sore today...I did the evil class last night and today my butt is so sore that I can hardly get up and down out of a chair. I thought that if I went in this morning and moved around a little bit that it would be better and I could move a little more. It did not help, only made the problem worse. My butt is in really bad shape, however that is not the only thing that hurts. The back of my arms and shoulders hurt as well. I'm tell you I am not in good shape today. To top it all off I have her class again tonight. I really am glutton for punishment I guess.

Also, as you all know I have these rules that I am pretty sure need to be followed at all times at the gym. Unfortunately, I am the only one who understands this concept. Today while I was working out there was a woman, we will call her Lady 1, on a treadmill and an older lady, Lady 2 on the machine beside her. Lady 2 had on headphones and was listening to music. Lady 1 wanted to talk to Lady 2 so in order for Lady 2 to hear her she had to talk really loud. Really Really Loud. It was obvious Lady 2 didn't care what Lady 1 was saying but that didn't stop her from talking. By the end of the workout for Lady 2 (who finished first, or gave up) everyone in the cardio room knew where she lived, who her daddy was, who were her neighbors and friends, where she was going to have dinner that night, and her shoe size and blood type.


6 days....

Monday, February 16, 2009

weigh day

Hi everyone. I am posting from my phone today so please forgive any misspellings.

I had a great week this week...

I lost 5.8lbs.

I was really hoping for 6 so ill take it. I have the most painful workout tonight so if I can I will post again when I get home. Usually after this workout I cannot move anything.

7 days...

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Big Week

Well with a huge week last week I am happy to let you all know that I was the biggest loser of the week. That title comes with some great prizes.

Also, I have started taking an exercise class on the nights that I can get there and this lady is kicking my tail. Two nights this week and it is really hard to lift my arms above shoulder height. Wow, I know it is a good workout if it hurts that bad the next day.

5 days...

Monday, February 9, 2009

Weigh Day

Yeah, I lost big this week. Now I did pack it on the entire week before but thats the way the game goes.

10.4 lbs was my weekly loss.

7 days.....

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Jessica Simpson

Ok so all of you who have access to any of the news media probably have heard that Jessica Simpson has gained weight. Well being a weight loss blog I think it is time I get to voice my opinion.

First off, she is still thin. Thinner than the average American I would guess.

Second, we are comparing her to her size when she was playing Daisy Duke. Yes she is bigger now than she was when she played that roll, but I'm guessing that if someone offered any of you a couple of mil to look good in a bikini and little shorts you could probably look that good too.

Finally, I cannot believe this is what the mainstream media is talking about....I expect this from celebrity gossip bloggers and such but the big media outlets have more important things to cover. I mean we are in horrible financial times and have a new president. Cover something else!!!!!

I actually heard someone refer to this as "Weightgate." Seriously!!!!!!

And There Off.....

Well it has started...

The day the biggest loser started I got a cold, but I am all better now and working out like a maniac and eating great. Eight weeks.

We will weigh in on I will try to get you updates on Monday afternoon or Tuesday.

So 5 days.
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