Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Jessica Simpson

Ok so all of you who have access to any of the news media probably have heard that Jessica Simpson has gained weight. Well being a weight loss blog I think it is time I get to voice my opinion.

First off, she is still thin. Thinner than the average American I would guess.

Second, we are comparing her to her size when she was playing Daisy Duke. Yes she is bigger now than she was when she played that roll, but I'm guessing that if someone offered any of you a couple of mil to look good in a bikini and little shorts you could probably look that good too.

Finally, I cannot believe this is what the mainstream media is talking about....I expect this from celebrity gossip bloggers and such but the big media outlets have more important things to cover. I mean we are in horrible financial times and have a new president. Cover something else!!!!!

I actually heard someone refer to this as "Weightgate." Seriously!!!!!!

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