Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Ouch Ouch Ouch Ouch

If you didn't get it from the title I am incredibly sore today...I did the evil class last night and today my butt is so sore that I can hardly get up and down out of a chair. I thought that if I went in this morning and moved around a little bit that it would be better and I could move a little more. It did not help, only made the problem worse. My butt is in really bad shape, however that is not the only thing that hurts. The back of my arms and shoulders hurt as well. I'm tell you I am not in good shape today. To top it all off I have her class again tonight. I really am glutton for punishment I guess.

Also, as you all know I have these rules that I am pretty sure need to be followed at all times at the gym. Unfortunately, I am the only one who understands this concept. Today while I was working out there was a woman, we will call her Lady 1, on a treadmill and an older lady, Lady 2 on the machine beside her. Lady 2 had on headphones and was listening to music. Lady 1 wanted to talk to Lady 2 so in order for Lady 2 to hear her she had to talk really loud. Really Really Loud. It was obvious Lady 2 didn't care what Lady 1 was saying but that didn't stop her from talking. By the end of the workout for Lady 2 (who finished first, or gave up) everyone in the cardio room knew where she lived, who her daddy was, who were her neighbors and friends, where she was going to have dinner that night, and her shoe size and blood type.


6 days....

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aboulan said...

YES! There need to be universal gym rules. Last night I went to the Y and was going to do my strength training workout. I did 8 of the 9 machines, no problem. But as for #9, there was a woman sitting at the machine the entire time I was doing my 8 other exercises. Some of the time she was using the equipment, the rest of the time she was just sitting there talking to some dude lifting weights who was across from her. I was going to ask her if she was really using the machine, but she was scary looking as was the guy she was talking to (honestly, I think he might have just gotten out of the pen.) AURGH! Glad to hear things are going well with the Biggest Loser....keep it up!

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