Friday, April 10, 2009

Hello All

I'm still here just been a little busy lately. I know some of you have asked about pictures. I'm getting to it. I have to go to a party tomorrow night so I may take a picture then. I don't usually take my own picture in the morning and by the time I get home at night I'm coming straight from the gym so I am all nasty and sweaty so I'm not taking pictures then either.

I have to tell you all so many things today. First off, after begging for months I think I may have found a weight loss buddy. My sister has agreed to workout with me for 1 month. She is giving it a try. It will be fun and maybe she will like it and keep coming so I don't have to workout by myself. (hint hint)

Also, I have found a cute cute cute dress that I wanted and I didn't buy it cause it was a little to small. I am not a fan of buying things that are too small and then getting in to them, but all I can think about is this dress and the fact that it is on sale and that I will be able to wear in it a few weeks. So I am going to break one of my biggest rules and go buy this dress tomorrow if they still have it. When you are losing weight it sucks to have something new that still does not fit, this is the time that you should be buying the new "skinny" clothes.


But can you really call them skinny clothes if you buy them in the plus size dept. Just think on that one for a bit.

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