Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Head Shoulders Knees and Toes

Well in my case it should be head, shoulder blades, hip and knee. I have had two of the most painful workouts this week and it is only Wednesday. On Monday I had my circuit "boot camp" aerobics class and let me just tell you she let us have it. We did mountain climbers on the Bosu balls.

Then we did weights and abs on the Bosu ball as well. By the time we were done with the Bosu my ball was soaking wet. Ever time i leaned over the ball the sweat would just pour off my head and hair. It was pretty nasty. Then we had to do football drills and up downs as part of the class as well. I'm telling you it was, WOW!

Then yesterday I had Zumba at 4 and then cardio burn again at 5. I did Zumba and I am pretty sure the air conditioning was not working in the aerobics room because it felt like 700 degrees. I only did half the second class and went home to mow my yard before the rain continues again. When I got home, I was hurting my my knee and hip, and after about 3 hours I had a killer headache. I finally just went to bed...I'm all better this morning and will be back at the gym tonight.

BTW- My workout buddy told me I could wash my shoes and they would be dry by the next morning...not so much. I just hope they finish drying by this afternoon otherwise I will be wearing wet shoes.

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