Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Bodybuilding Part II

Hey all, tonight is my major big workout night, as we all know I tend to rest a little on Wed. Well tonight has just gone from my big workout night to the major workout night. I have been lifting every other day for the last couple of weeks and enjoying the results I have gotten from it. But my body and muscles have been just worn out from all the lifting. I was reading on how to help with fatigue of the muscles and I have decided to give myself 2 days of rest instead of just one. Maybe, hopefully, this will help with the muscle soreness and weakness. So tonight instead of the 2 classes, boot camp and Zumba, now I have to add the weights to it. But all I keep thinking is on this day every week I get to eat just a little bit more than regular and that make me happy.:)

Also, I have decided I am going to weigh every Friday again instead of every morning. I'm getting tired of seeing the little results each day and the fluctuations (water or too big supper) that are throwing my weight off for the day and getting me a little discouraged. I would rather see a bigger number once a week than a small one each day... Hopefully, I will remember to log on and let you know how the week went. And I wont be stuck to the Monday weigh in that sucks so bad. Keep up, once a week for sure!!!!!

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