Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Biggest Loser and Everything Else

Hello all, I know again it has been too long since my last post and I have so many things to let you all know.

For starters, the Biggest Loser Premier was last night, Yea!!!!!!! I love this show so much and I have already picked out some of my favorites. The girl that is the heaviest ever, I had so much hope for her, but then she quit (yes I know she came back) but she quit and most people know that I don't have much time for quitters. I also like Abby from the green team. She has more perseverance and heart than just about anyone I have ever seen. She has experienced pain that most will not ever know and hopefully will never have to know but she still has a positive attitude. She even used the phrase that I love "Happiness is a Choice" So of course she is one of my faves. I also like the Green team and the Red Team. I will know more of who I think will win at a later date. And don't worry I will have lots of comments and posts about Biggest Loser.

Next up, the Knee!!!! Dum dum dum. (you have to sing that part) Well I have noticed that when I actually publish my goals that I come closer to achieving them than when I don't let anyone know what they are. Well, I saw two doctors and neither one of them could tell me exactly what was wrong. So at the same time I became incredibly as long as I can I will be forgoing surgery on the knee and running the half marathon in Nashville in April. This gives me plenty of time to train without killing my joints and maybe just maybe I can finish 13 miles. I hope in the weeks and months to come I can stay as motivated to run this as I am right now.

So there you go. That is my update for a week and hopefully I will not take as much time between posts as I did last time. Just to let you all know please do tell me what happens cause until volleyball season is over I have to record it and watch it later in the night.

Also, hello Amy. I just found out that Amy has been reading my blog without me know so I hope you enjoy.

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