Thursday, October 1, 2009

Week without Workout


I have not had much to say this week so I have not been posting. I have not eaten great and I have not gotten my workouts in. Soooooo basically I have not done well this week. My volleyball team had 3 games in 2 nights this week so I allowed that get in my head and tell me that I didnt have time to workout. I know that was stupid to do but I did just make an excuse instead of just doing the work.

Anyway, I didn't do good, I will just have to let that go and do better. On a happier note...I am going to the beach in 3 days and I am crazy excited about that. I will not be posting much if at all while I am out of town. The place we are going has a great gym so I will be able to get my workouts in while I am there. I will also get to walk or run on the beach even if it is while we are playing. I'm so excited to go. I just wish I had a bathing suit that fit. I have one bathing suit that is too big and one that is too small. I don't think that if the bathing suit fit that it would make me look 40 lbs lighter or anything but if it did fit it might look better. But I don't care, I will be at the beach. WOO HOO.

Ill be back late next week if not sooner, but don't hold your breath.


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