Sunday, December 27, 2009

Body Bugg

Hello all,

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas holiday. I know that I was blessed to spend a few days off with my family and we had a wonderful time.

I have to share with you all some of the gifts I received. First, I got workout clothes. This means now I don't have to do laundry every other day just to be able to wear a clean sports bra. Yes that is not an exaggeration, I have 2 sports bras and two pair of workout shorts. But now I have 4 sports bras and 3 pairs of bottoms and a pair of running pants. I am so excited to wear all my new stuff. I told my family that I was going to have to start working out without a shirt on cause my new bras were sooooooo cute. (Just in case you are wondering...that will never happen)

I also got........................A BODY BUGG!!!!!I am so excited about my new toy, you cannot even understand. I had it set up the day after Christmas and on my arm. I have been syncing it all the time so I can see how many calories I have burned. If you have been readers, I had the opportunity to wear a body bugg a few months ago and really enjoyed it and now I have one all to myself that I don't have to give back...This is the child in me gloating a little bit.

Well I should, key word should, be able to give you such detailed blog posts now, like calories burned, steps taken, calorie deficit, and so many other things....ohhhhh I cant wait.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Merry Christmas

Ha Ha Moment.

This was my Holiday Card this year, and no as a single person that is not 5 I do not send out Christmas Cards with pictures but this was a joke for my sister. Thought I would share.

The Contest

Hello- still in the lead....

My new nails are going to be soooooo pretty.

Well I will have to say I am in the lead, but I am not please with this week. We all gained, not much but up none the less. This week will have to be better and I am hoping I can separate myself a little bit from the bunch. My family does do some eating but I don't have to worry about all the Turkey and Dressing and Yams and this and that and the other thing..... We eat stuff like sandwiches and soup for Christmas so I am hoping they go Hog Wild and I can lose a couple of pounds over the holiday. That is the plan at least we will see how it goes.

The percentages are as follows:

Em: 2.76%
Sly: 1.48 %
Big Head: 1.29%

Like I said everyone gained so that sucked but it could have been worse. Wish me luck for next week.

Forever Post

Hello Hello Hello all and Merry Christmas.

I know it has been too long between post and I really am sorry about that. We have a lot to cover today. First I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas. And I hope you all celebrate til you are blue in the face.

I thought the candy Merry Christmas was fitting being that this blog is about diet and exercise and no one cares about that over the holidays.

So eat up, drink up, have all the candy and sugar you want cause after Christmas you know you all will have the "My new years resolution is to loose weight..." and I hope you do! We all know that will be my resolutions too....

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Results Are In

I have all of the weights for everyone in the contest (all 3 of them) and here we go....

In the lead is ME!!!!!

Em -3.51%
Sly -2.11%
BH -1.99%

I will for sure let you know how this next week goes.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Weigh In Day

Hello all,

We had our first weigh in today and I did GREAT!!!!!! I'm really excited about it. This week I had a loss of 9.4 lbs. I will have to credit my second job for some of that...other than the fact that I walk 89+ miles a night last night I was given the pet food isle. Can I just tell you that it gets heavy carrying all those stupid bags for what feels like miles and miles when it is really just 40 ft.

Anyway Big Head had a loss of 3.4 lbs, and Sly has not weighed yet.

Ill let you know when I have all results.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

And the Challenge Begins

Tomorrow is the big day, and in anticipation I have eaten everything I can get my hands on. I want to be up a few pounds by tomorrow. Luckily I have to work tonight so I will try to drink lots and lots and lots more water before tomorrow and then come weigh. That way I don't have to do all my weight gain with poor eating. Ill let you know how it goes tomorrow. Hopefully we can do all of our weigh ins on Monday....even though I hate it on Monday it really makes me be good over the weekend.

Wish me luck!!!!

Friday, December 4, 2009

Awwww Cute

You all should go watch this video!!!! It is really cute!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

We Are Just Throwing Challenges Around Like Candy

OK, we are a few weeks away from Biggest Loser at the Patrick again starting in 2010. I don't even know for sure if they are doing it next year or not but I am preparing for it.

Well a girl that I work with went shopping the other day and didn't love the results so she is ready to go on a diet, and another lady I work with has been talking about joining the Patrick but has yet to do it in the last 4 months, so we have decided to start a weight loss challenge here at the office.

We have another woman at work who will be the judge, weight loss keeper and overall queen of the contest. We are not going to let her play though, she needs to gain about 15lbs...30 to be up to snuff with the rest of us. We haven't even asked her yet to help, hope that is ok.

We were going to start at the new year but after BH went shopping we have moved the start date up to Monday. Its funny the little things that will motivate you.

We also have a prize. Whoever wins gets a Mani Pedi at their place of choice. I'm thinking of painting my nails know like a true red RED!!!!!!

These two only have about 40lbs to lose total, collectively. I have 100lbs that could come off and I would still be in plus size as long as I stay focused I should be able to take them.

Way Back

A friend of mine just posted an old picture of me online, thanks facebook for embarrassing photos.

Well this was one of my heaviest time in my life so I thought I would share with you all since not everyone has facebook.

This really helped me...I kinda get bogged down with all this weight loss stuff sometimes. I have lost a lot of weight but there is still so much more to go. This just keeps it in perspective and keeps me motivated.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Black Friday Fun

I told you all I would try to get some pictures for you...and here we go...

This is the planning phase of the day...this happens on Thanksgiving night. This year we started really early, about midnight... The girls went to Toys R Us while I went to Wal-Mart all by my lonesome.
The black Friday bumper sticker that we think someone tried to steal about half way through the day.

Wal-Mart Line beginning...oh yeah I was first...
I never realized how big the isles were at Wal-Mart until they took everything out of it. The top picture is with nothing in the isle and the second is when the pallets came out.

One the way to Huntsville. This is where the fun starts.
I had to ride in the back of the van alone...
but Maggie joined me after about 2 minutes.

This was after the lunch break, at 9 o'clock.We lost this one on the way home. It was pretty cute.

We had a blast and got a lot of Christmas presents. I only have a few presents left to buy. Hope you enjoy.
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