Thursday, December 3, 2009

We Are Just Throwing Challenges Around Like Candy

OK, we are a few weeks away from Biggest Loser at the Patrick again starting in 2010. I don't even know for sure if they are doing it next year or not but I am preparing for it.

Well a girl that I work with went shopping the other day and didn't love the results so she is ready to go on a diet, and another lady I work with has been talking about joining the Patrick but has yet to do it in the last 4 months, so we have decided to start a weight loss challenge here at the office.

We have another woman at work who will be the judge, weight loss keeper and overall queen of the contest. We are not going to let her play though, she needs to gain about 15lbs...30 to be up to snuff with the rest of us. We haven't even asked her yet to help, hope that is ok.

We were going to start at the new year but after BH went shopping we have moved the start date up to Monday. Its funny the little things that will motivate you.

We also have a prize. Whoever wins gets a Mani Pedi at their place of choice. I'm thinking of painting my nails know like a true red RED!!!!!!

These two only have about 40lbs to lose total, collectively. I have 100lbs that could come off and I would still be in plus size as long as I stay focused I should be able to take them.

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