Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Pity Party

Ok thanks for listening to my pity party yesterday or Monday, I don't really know when I posted that....I am over it now. I guess I was just really tired and frustrated. But like I said Im better now.

I will have to say the little 5 ft. Nazi at the gym has really put me through the ropes the last 2 days...I'm not sore, but my body is just exhausted. Like walking up a flight of stairs is taxing.

Again, I'm sorry for the poor pitiful me moment, I will do better.

Monday, January 25, 2010

So Frustrating....

Part of me just wants to general, just quit trying to lose weight, cause that is all I am really doing, TRYING!!!! With not much success.

I was up again this week. Not much, but I should be down, a few pounds at least but no...I'm up again. I just don't know what to do at this point, eat less workout more!

Here we go again. Its hard to be rededicated to a challenge when it is giving to results.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Bye Bye Organic

Well as you all know I have done my best over the past few months to go organic, and I would still love to continue this, but due to the recent price raises, I can no longer afford to eat organic. Now I in no way mean I am not dieting, but my milk (which I drink about 2 gallons of a week) has gone up to $7.08. I can do my entire weeks grocery shopping for about $20 and now I'm expected to pay $14 of that to milk!!!!!

Needless to say, I am sad that this cannot continue, and I will still try to buy organic when possible, but seriously....we hear everyday how our country is fat and we need to make changes. Ive got an idea for you...lower the price of health food so we can eat it.

There is no telling how many more fruits and veggies everyone would eat if they could afford it, but it is much cheaper to buy Cheetos for $2 than a bag of grapes for $8.

Just saying...

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Hello Hello

Well here is the best update I work this week nothing changed as far as the rankings...

We all gained this week but mostly less than a pound.

I don't have the results from the Gym yet....I have been sick this week and have not been able to workout. I am going to go tonight (wish me luck) and maybe the results will be up.

I do have to say though, I'm not sure how this really happened. I weighted in on Tuesday instead of Monday cause Monday I stayed in bed when I wasn't hovering over the toilet. But when I weighted at the Gym I was down about a pound, when I weighted at the office I was up 1.2 pounds. Tell me how that works, it was about 3 minutes apart.

Truly I didn't care this week cause I felt like crap, but my eating has been good this week and hopefully I can get my workouts in for the rest of the week.

Ill keep you updated.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

First Place

They posted the results today at the Patrick and I was in first, yeah! And LLL, yes I know you read the blog, was nipping at my toes in second place.

Then there were 8 more people...I didn't know them and neither do you....

Yeah to first and second, I hope it stays the same way the whole time through.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Contest

Hey sorry it took me so long this week to update you on the contest. At work I am back in the game. Still in last but I'm on top of it now. I hated having to gain in the middle of it but I lost it all back this week along with a few more lbs.

Here's the results.

EM: 3.58%
Big Head: 3.86%
Sly: 4.34%

We are all doing pretty good so hopefully we will accomplish the goal of weight loss.

I don't know the results from the gym yet, but Ill post when I do.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Body Bugg

Well as I promised, a little later than expected but here is the Body Bugg stuff I was going to show you. You just have to see how cool this thing is....

As you can see it gives you goals to reach as far as calorie burn and steps and then tells you how many steps you take, calories burned, calories consumed (you have to put those in) the calorie deficit and the hours you slept. It also breaks down the day by minute for calories burned and by the hour on steps you take so you can see what activities are actually burning more calories than others. (I didn't open each of the things for you to see) For example I would tell anyone that my 1 hour workout class burns more than anything I do, but tonight I proved that running on the treadmill while watching TV consistently burns more calories. I'm telling you this thing is cool as soup.

Etiquette at the Gym

Back in February of 2008 I posted about etiquette at the gym, with the New Year among us I thought this might be a great time to re-post the "Rules of the Gym."

"Really......come on people. This has just been driving me crazy for the last month and I cant hold it in any longer. So here goes. Rules of the Gym (of course my rules, but ahhhhhhhhhh)

1. If the minimum age for people allowed in the workout area of the gym is 13, then do not bring you 7 year old and let them "just use the machine next to you till someone else comes in." This is the south, we are nice, even to children, so we are not going to make them get off the machine, NO we will wait while our heart rate drops so your kid can play on the machine that we want to use.

2. If you sweat (don't worry we all do) and you finish your workout and your machine is covered in YOUR sweat, wipe it off!!! The gym provides little sanitary wipes for this exact purpose.

3. If the TV is on fine, I like to watch while I workout too. Please just ask those in the room if they are watching that channel. IF THEY ARE DON'T CHANGE IT! If they don't care that the channel is changed, good but please don't change it to the same thing that is on the TV beside it (or two TV down)

4. Just because someone has on headphones does not mean they cannot hear what you are saying. Let's just leave that at that.

5. If there are 5 identical treadmills side by side, why do you want to get on the one beside me. Really!

6. The lanes in the pool are for swimming and walking laps, not for a private area for you and your spouse and your 13 kids to swim. If no one is in the pool, ROCK ON swim in every inch of the pool, but if you see people are waiting to swim and walk but cant because you are playing in the lane move.


I think this needs to be addressed too, these are more for laughs than for serious, but still venting here.

1. SPANDEX- girls I love some spandex too, keeps from setting my thighs on fire, and keeps my knee brace from sliding and digging into my legs, that said, I wear my spandex under my clothes not as my clothes. I know it holds you in and make you feel super skinny, but spandex has a weight limit, 95 lbs. So unless you are a child or a adult ballerina or an IT girl in Hollywood, you exceed that weight limit, cover up.

2. I have boobs, when I am in the locker room changing, I am not going to hide in the stall because I'm fat and change in there. If you want to look, look, I do not care, but take your peek and then get along with your business. Additionally, the same 7 year old boy that took my machine should not be changing in the women's locker room. If he is big enough to know what "boobies" are then he is big enough to put on his own pants in the boys locker room.

3. Bikinis should be banned from health clubs, that's all.

4. And finally, where do they get the mirrors in the locker rooms, CAUSE I LOVE THEM. I want one for every room in my house and I want the walls in my bedroom covered in them. I want one at the office and Wal-Mart and my rear view changed. I catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror, and think "dang I look good" then I get home and shower up, and I don't ever look the same in my mirror at home.

OK so those are my rules and I think that every health spa in America should adopt them. Also, I would like to stress to everyone that I do like kids(I want a whole litter of my own some day), at restaurants, sporting events and just about everywhere but put them in child care at the gym!!!! Most gyms have it, even smaller gyms."

I thought you might like that again and since there are fixing to be 3000 new members at the gym maybe 3-4 or them might read this. I can dream big cant I. I put my goal loss at 150lbs. so obviously I have big dreams.

New Years Resolutions

I have made a list of Resolutions this year and I hope you all have done the same. As it says on my scale,

The tragedy of life doesn’t lie in not reaching your goal. The tragedy lies in having no goals to reach. Benjamin Mays

I love this quote and I really do have it taped on my scale, so here are some of my goals for the new year. I'm only going to share a few....

1. To weigh less than 200lbs.

2. Run a half Marathon (finish) I don't care how I cross the finish line, run walk or crawl.

3. No soft drinks. I did drink the Diet Cokes and Diet Sundrops over the holidays, and I put my Diet Coke down at 12 o'clock on Jan. 1. 361 days to go.

4. Take my vitamin every day, now that I am working nights too, I have not done well with my vitamin everyday.

5. This is my favorite one.....I am going to use more Jazz Hands this year. I find this important!!!!

Those are my goals this year and I hope you have all set your own. And more than that I hope you have a blast trying to reach them.

Happy New Year.

Happy New Year

Hello all, Well who is SUPER DUPER excited that the Biggest Loser starts again tonight........cause I know that I am.

So much to tell you all about, I am officially entered in two weight loss challenges, one here at work that has been going on for a few weeks now, and then the one at the local gym started yesterday. I now have weigh days on Monday and Thursday so that wonderful cheat day I look forward to so much will not be happening. Both of the programs are over in March this year, a little longer than before, but hopefully I can win them both, I really do like to win.

I did have to be a little strategic this week. I gained intentionally this weekend so I could weigh heavy for the first weigh in at the gym but it put me last in the contest at work. But hopefully I can lose a ton and just be first in both. He He.

I hoping by being in two contests and no cheat day that it will force me to be really good and lose enough weight to get me to the 100lb. mark so I can cut my hair. Oh yeah, I still have not cut it. Its getting awful but its good incentive.

Ill try to keep you updated on both contest and it will be crazy and I will try not to confuse you. And I will try to blog more but with work and sleep its tough to find the time.
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