Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Body Bugg

Well as I promised, a little later than expected but here is the Body Bugg stuff I was going to show you. You just have to see how cool this thing is....

As you can see it gives you goals to reach as far as calorie burn and steps and then tells you how many steps you take, calories burned, calories consumed (you have to put those in) the calorie deficit and the hours you slept. It also breaks down the day by minute for calories burned and by the hour on steps you take so you can see what activities are actually burning more calories than others. (I didn't open each of the things for you to see) For example I would tell anyone that my 1 hour workout class burns more than anything I do, but tonight I proved that running on the treadmill while watching TV consistently burns more calories. I'm telling you this thing is cool as soup.

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