Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Happy New Year

Hello all, Well who is SUPER DUPER excited that the Biggest Loser starts again tonight........cause I know that I am.

So much to tell you all about, I am officially entered in two weight loss challenges, one here at work that has been going on for a few weeks now, and then the one at the local gym started yesterday. I now have weigh days on Monday and Thursday so that wonderful cheat day I look forward to so much will not be happening. Both of the programs are over in March this year, a little longer than before, but hopefully I can win them both, I really do like to win.

I did have to be a little strategic this week. I gained intentionally this weekend so I could weigh heavy for the first weigh in at the gym but it put me last in the contest at work. But hopefully I can lose a ton and just be first in both. He He.

I hoping by being in two contests and no cheat day that it will force me to be really good and lose enough weight to get me to the 100lb. mark so I can cut my hair. Oh yeah, I still have not cut it. Its getting awful but its good incentive.

Ill try to keep you updated on both contest and it will be crazy and I will try not to confuse you. And I will try to blog more but with work and sleep its tough to find the time.

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