Monday, February 22, 2010

21 Things About Me

Ok, so I was this thing on Facebook when I was cyber stalking some friends and thought it was a really fun idea. So here goes...these are 21 things that you may or may not know about me. There are a lot about food and exercise because...well you can guess why!!

21. My oven does not work and has not worked in about a year, and I haven't missed it.

20. I don't understand why some electronics have to be charged all the time and others will stay charged for days.

19. I think ketchup should be considered a food group, a veggie, and a fruit. And I think it taste good on everything.

18. I have traveled to 32 states and 5 foreign counties.

17. I would rather go to bed early and wake up early.

16. I don't like Cream Cheese or Cool Whip and I didn't really know the difference between the two until I was in High School.

15. I played basketball for years and tore my ACL playing racquetball.

14. I eat breakfast in bed every morning, and usually leave my dishes on the bedside table until I straighten up my house at night.

13. I blame the fact that I have to wear clothes on Adam and Eve.

12. I drink milk out of a wine glass for dinner because it make me feel FANCY!

11. I know I am stronger than most men but I do still expect them to open doors for me.

10. I love kickboxing, but I would much rather just fight with someone.

9. I think the soundtrack to Hairspray is GREAT!!!

8. I would rather watch TV than read books. But magazines, I love reading those. Hello, SELF is the greatest.

7. I hate facebook and really only use it to stalk friends and look at other peoples pictures. The more pictures the better.

6. I think the worst workout ever is riding a bike, actually I don't enjoy that for a workout or for fun. I don't enjoy having a bike seat stuck up my butt.

5. My bathing suit does not fit, it is too small and I still wear it.

4. I don't enjoy driving unless I can do it with the windows down and the music up.

3. I sang the National Anthem at an LA Dodgers baseball game.

2. I would rather run on a treadmill than outside.

1. I want to have a whole litter of children someday, but I'm scared that I will have one and think, "I'm done with this crap."

This is a really fun thing to do, trust me you should try to just write 21 facts about yourself, its actually harder than you think. Hope you enjoy getting to know me a little better.

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