Thursday, February 25, 2010

Oh Bless Them....

Celebrities have so many problems I cannot contain myself.

First let me start with I was having a great morning. I got to sleep a little later than normal because I didn't have to be at the office early for anything. I could help all of my customers in my panties eating breakfast watching TV this morning.

Well I just happened to be watching The View, or as I like to call it, The Skewed World View. They were doing a show this morning on Having a Baby and infertility of couples, men, women, and both. It was actually really interesting. They were discussing invetro, IV...everything. Some were things I have never even heard of.

Well they interviewed Giuliana and Bill Rancic. Both in their 30's and trying to conceive. Apparently they have a reality show that I didn't even know about but she is having trouble getting pregnant. I don't understand that trouble, I have never been or tried to be pregnant and I understand that can take a major toll on a womans body and can be harmful to a relationship. I am not trying to take away from that at all. My problem came later in the interview. Giuliana said at one point during the interview that she was told to gain weight to get on a normal cycle.

From netdoctor, "Weight also influences hormonal balance and menstruation. If a woman is underweight, her hormones will stop working properly and her periods might stop altogether. "

She was having a really hard time with this concept, she said that she was on TV everyday and that her stylist had clothes picked out for her, and excuse excuse excuse.... I'm sorry but if having a baby is something that you really want to do, even later in life with the odds are always against you, why would you not just put on an additional 5-10lbs. This is absolutely crazy in my opinion.

That being said I do wish them luck getting bout an extra serving of pasta tonight?

I spend most of my time trying to lose weight and hopefully encourage others to do the same but this really was just too much for me this morning.

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