Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Day Off

Well guys I'm doing something today that I have not done in a while. Im giving myself a day off from the gym. No class tonight, no running on the treadmill. NOTHING! I have a cold from all this weather and Im sore from last night. I didn't even bring my workout clothes to work today. I'm so excited to have one full day off.

I'm thinking this will be the last full day off for a while. I'm having to recommit to this diet and change some things around. I have gained a significant amount of weight since starting work at Target. I'm going to have to figure out my eating when I am up for hours at a time and no more late night eating. Otherwise I will end up gaining all my weight back and I sooooooo don't want to go there.

One of my buddies at the office is ready too so hopefully we can use each other as support.

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