Saturday, March 13, 2010

Open Casting Call for Biggest Loser

First of all I want to thank you all for your wonderful comments on Facebook today, it made my 7 hour waiting time go by so much faster than it would have other wise.
Let me just start at the beginning...
I worked all day Friday and while at work found out that there was an open casting at Dave and Busters in Nashville. Nashville is only about a 2 hour drive from Fayetteville, so not to crazy of a trip. I contemplated going or not...really couldn't decide if it was worth it. I would not get to leave Huntsville until 6 which would put me no sooner than 8 o'clock getting to Nashville. There would be a huge line, the odds were not in my favor.... Well after much discussion and no sleep, I decided that I was going to do it, just give it a chance.

So last night I packed a bag and headed to Huntsville to work. At 6am I changed into my fabulous outfit and took off to Nashville. I made it to the restaurant about 8:20 and got into line at number 361. Anything under 500 was guaranteed a spot to see the casting people, but the line was crazy.

So I waited outside in the rain and cold for about 3 hours, my precious cousin came to keep me company for a while which really helped the time pass and helped me not to have to talk to the annoying guy in line in front of me. (Seriously this guy talked for 2 hours straight, he went to the car once and it was so nice)

This was the line outside the building, you cant see it really well but it wrapped around and back again. Lots of hopeful people.

Liz showed up before 10 and spoke to some people outside but then went inside to help with that crowd.

Once I finally got inside the building my cousin had to go, no family and friend beyond this point, only potential contestants. So Thanks Babe, you were wonderful. Once inside the line was even crazier than before, barely moving, and packed out.

I was in this line for about another 3 hours, they did have chairs at this line so that was kinda nice. I will have to say that this point in the experience did bother me a little bit. I work out and try to keep my body in shape, I may not be thin, but I try to take care of myself. It was hard to watch some of the other hopefuls struggle to stand in line, having to lean against a wall or use an umbrella for support. I kinda wanted to leave, but this is just something I have wanted to do for soooooo long. My chance was right in front of me.
The line inside seemed never ending, this was just half the room, it wrapped around 5-6 times.

The line inside was pretty boring, still talking to the same people for so long, well you just run out of things to say. But inside some past contestants were there to take pictures and talk to the crowd.

His fiance was there too, but I never got a good picture of her.

Oh Allen Allen Allen.

Soooooo, finally after waiting for so long I happened to be the first person in line in my group. We walked into a room with a table and 15 chairs and one casting director. It was pretty relaxed and an easy set up to talk. We told about ourselves and why we wanted to lose weight. Some people said family, kids, health, all good reasons, I said for me. Maybe selfish but the truth, maybe I can motivate someone else to lose weight, but I have to lose it first. This meeting only took about 15 minutes, and I thought I did pretty good.

I bolted out of this room and headed to my car like a bat out of hell. I was starving at this point. After all I hadn't eaten anything since 3 am and only had a diet coke to hold me over. After the first 5 hours I started eating Altoids in my purse. I think I could have eaten my fingers and drank toilet water. I ran through the mall and the first place I came to was a cookie store, well shucks! Guess Ill have to eat cookies!!!!! They held me over till I could get some real food. (And while I'm on that note wouldn't you think a show centered around fat peeps would have a little snack section for ya, just something small like Ribeye steak and potato.)
Anyway, we were told that if they like us we would get a call after they were done for the night to invite us back for the on camera call back type thing. Well its 9:44pm and still no call so its not looking too good, but I will have to say, this was an absolutely wonderful experience, and I would have regretted it forever if I didn't do it. I gave it my best shot. Hopefully they will call in the next 15 or so, but if not, it was still a great time and no regrets.

So now, lacking 30 hours of sleep, I am officially sitting in my bed, eating the rest of my cookie, and thinking how good my pillow feels right now. I will let you guys know if I hear anything.

Again, thanks for the support today...YOU GUYS ARE GREAT!!!!


Brandi said...

You are so awesome and are already an inspiration to others!

Stephanie said...

You probably have it too together to make it girl!! I loved reading about the experience.

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