Friday, April 30, 2010

Another Very Long Day

This was another one of those days that just kept going on and on. I had to be at the office all day, which is a rare occurrence a little Spring Fling action and then ballgames ballgames ballgames. We had a great time and my butt is pooped.

Now I have to get on to you guys a little bit...I knew there were readers out there cause I have a blog counter, but you guys never comment. I get text messages, Facebook messages, phone calls and everything else but tonight, I finally realized tonight how many of y'all are actually reading. At spring fling I had so many people stop me and tell me about friends and family member that had this surgery, or people asking how I was feeling, I actually had someone tell me that they swallow their gum(haha.) So I know your out there now....and no you don't really have to comment, I'm really just glad your reading.

This has probably been the longest day so far. I was hungry all day long, and not just a little hungry but every time I moved all I could do is think about food. I wanted to go to the gas station and get food if that tells you how hungry I was. Don't worry I didn't give in but I really wanted to today. The only thing that kept me going was the fact that I know food is coming soon.

I hope you all are ready for tomorrow. I'm prepared for big rain with movies and a couch. I might even try to fit a few miles in on the treadmill tomorrow but I'm not really stressed about it. I did all my household chores tonight so I don't have to do anything tomorrow. And YES, I finally vacuumed!

Good night to you all for now...I have to get this ballpark funk off me now, then off to Dream Land. Hope you have a wonderful night.

Sweet Dreams.

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