Saturday, April 24, 2010

Birthday Party

For starters I want to let you all know, I knew about this party before I started this plan and still intentionally started last week. When you choose to have surgery life still happens, I doubt many people are going to tell their surgeon, "oh I cant have surgery that day, I have a party to go to that I want to eat junk food and pizza and chips, lets put it off another week." Really? So I knew this party was coming and knew I would have to be strong.
Well coming off the worst night of this experiment, my willpower needed to be tested. And I was successful, I didn't cheat. Even though I wanted to really bad. You have to see what I passed up. This is what I like to call "The Temptation Table." I actually worked at this table by choice cause I got to smell the yummy yummy deliciousness.

You see that piece of pizza in the middle, it was just calling my name. You might have heard it where you are. It was loud.
Oh and the candy and chips, I didn't even eat one M&M and I just wanted to stick my fingers in there and grab a few.

Basically, this is just a little reminder of why I'm so glad I didn't actually have this surgery. Maybe by the next birthday party I will be able to have a piece of cake, or 2. I didn't get this weight by having one piece of cake.

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